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Things I relearned today:

Posted on 2008.02.18 at 13:29
Current Location: The Exodar
Current Mood: aggravated
Epiaa is still a man'ari in disguise. Damn her horrid eyes.
Sophia is still tighter than the string on my crossbow and twice as swift to sting.
Ki'sora is still my favourite sister.
Anyashka is still a silly busybody.
Erahe is still thinking that she is different from the rest of us when she is just the same as us all.
Balaniki is still sweet but faintly useless.
Ursankov is still the helpless baby.
I am still the best one to give us direction. I still have more experience than any but that vile old hag, and I have lots more heart than her or Phia. If I cannot lead anymore, I hope Ki can step up to my place. She's the only one I would trust this family's care to now that mother and father have passed on into the Light.

Maybe the other sisters will have improved some? I can only hope.


((More Memery!))

Posted on 2008.02.02 at 06:30
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((You didn't think you'd get away without one of these for Joi, did you? MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!))Collapse )


[Insert Moody Song Lyric Here]

Posted on 2008.01.25 at 04:08
Current Location: Moonglade
Current Mood: aggravated

No, that's not me, that's aunt Shauha. Really. I'm fine. Not angry at *a line trails off here*

Moving on. Couple of nights ago, went to Netherstorm. Searched for some clues about that missing Inourhe lady. She's nice, I hope that big stack of paper has something useful about her on it. I'm kinda worried about that pale elf girl, Meridia or whatever. The daughter. She ran off with the papers soon as we found them.

Also, Washue is getting out more again, and even joined the Crew! She's been serving drinks alongside Sara and being all sorts of sweet. I had to reassure her, though, about whatever she was told by Sh Anyway, this has major ramifications on my previous entry!


Best Friends Forever!

Posted on 2008.01.12 at 20:55
Current Location: Moonglade
Current Mood: hopeful
I don't have a best friend.

I have many wonderful, good friends, people I care for deeply and who return that sentiment. The thing is, all my closest friends have someone else they're closer to still. Someone who's clearly their truly best friend.

I wonder if I could end up with a best friend of my very own? Does it take a special effort? Do I have to strive to make someone my best friend, or will any amount of trying mean that the friendship is false and worthless? I really don't know what to do.

Okay, maybe I'll think about who I could be a best friend to.

Grubber- Pretty sure Si-Si is still his best friend and always will be. If they weren't, they'd kill each other.
Si-Si- See above.
Sara- Best friend is Drosh, without a doubt.
Ke- In love with Je, but also really tight friends with him. Not just romantic, they really get along well in all ways from what I see.
Juni- Good possibility. Very nice, lots of fun. Fashionable too.
Tweck- Romantic with Drosh, but a bit distant from her. Has almost the same attitude to everything as me. Even talks a lot like me(since I learned orcish from a gnome, makes sense). Is a mage who can shapeshift a bit, where I'm a druid who relies on spells.
Ephe- Already very concerned about her a lot. Getting too close and letting myself worry all the time could be bad for me, though.
Kishi- Still a little kid, but one doing some big things. Could really use a big sister who isn't a damn pirate.
Washue- Closest person to my age I know. A real giggle, and always eager and inquisitive about everything. Heard she's staying at home a lot more now, though.

Tweck? She really does look like she would fit the role best. Wow.



Posted on 2007.12.09 at 22:21
Current Location: Moonglade
Current Mood: bouncy
((Totally ripping off Sihu! <3 ))

Rosey: The biggest haunch of meat I can find
Grubber: A song
Bjarn: The next biggest haunch of meat I can find
Sara: Something to make her feel more confident(but don't push too hard)
Drosh: Something cute
Rin: Something super-cute!
Si-Si: A good book(she must get bored and lonely a lot)
Luci: Something she can cuddle(if I can find her)
Axeman: Another song
G-man: A set of training weights?
Liata: A walking cane(just in case)
Cae: ????
No and Pook: Baby clothes/other baby things
Eph: Some new gloves(does she always wear those?)
Cap'n Tusky: A parcel of herbal remedies
Big Red & Harbies: Great big crate of booze

Pryda: Some Outland cooking
Vel: Some Outland souveneirs
Auntie Shauha: A poke in the eye with a stick

Or maybe I'll just give everyone chocolate. Still plenty of time to change my mind!


Lest We Forget

Posted on 2007.11.14 at 02:59
((No, the icon isn't saved at a low quality. I tried to make it look a bit like an oldschool propaganda poster.))

I visited the Ironforge, having heard there was a gathering of veterans to speak of and remember the fallen in past wars.

((She has much to say on the matter...))Collapse )

It was this night that gave me reason to want to remember, to record my life. I shall see where this journal leads. I shall see where my life has travelled in these pages.


Healing Touch

Posted on 2007.11.07 at 12:34
Current Mood: contemplative
I'm such an idiot, diary. I left you behind in Booty bay! I sent a letter about you, but they took a while to send you to me.

A lot has happened. I eventually wound up in Ashenvale. Yeah, I know, elf lands, ick, but It's quiet, peaceful and no one would think to look for me there. While I was there I met this dran drah blue goat lady. Actually, I met her a few times. We ended up becoming, well, not exactly friends, but we had stuff to talk about. She has very good Common, much better than mine, so we managed to hold a decent conversation eventually, once we'd decided we weren't enemies.

We ended up going our separate ways. She wanted to stay in the forest and hunt demons. I was learning, from her example, that sometimes limits can make you stronger, make you learn things you wouldn't otherwise, and that made me realise I had to make amends with with my instructors in Nighthaven. The limit forced on her, losing one of her legs, had led her to taking up new ways to fight and carry on her purpose in life. I don't even have a purpose in life, but I think I'm beginning to see one.

I've been trying to heal the emotions of my Crew, especially Grubber, for a while now. I'm beginning to find that healing wounds, physical ones, is something I'm drawn to do. When I first arrived in Moonglade, I decided that I wanted to seek advice about healing lost limbs. Liata's limb. Oh, Liata is the name of the goat lady. So, yeah, I was kinda dumb about it and didn't concede much at first, but eventually I let them know that I realised I'd been dumb. About everything.

After a week or two, they'd decided it was time for me to go out and actually find some people to heal. I really lucked out because at that time Kezzie sent me a letter asking me if I knew anything about healing, because her leg was hurt. Worse than usual. Although her leg wasn't missing anything, I think it was partly dead inside, so I had to force it to get rid of that stuff and grow some new muscle. Seems it worked, though only so much as she got back to just having a limp like usual.

Meanwhile, the Crew's been falling apart even more without me. I don't wanna talk about it all here, but I think they need someone like me. Someone who'll listen and give advice rather than lashing out or doing stupid crap to themselves when there's a problem.

And I think I need them. Family.


Two nights in Booty Bay

Posted on 2007.09.15 at 08:33
Current Location: Booty Bay
Current Mood: chipper
As soon as the zeppelin flew over the shore of Tirisfal, I knew this wasn't the place I needed to be. When it docked, I raced over to the other platform and got on just as it was leaving!

From Grom'gol I flew down to Booty Bay. Yes, I know, I should have just caught the boat from Ratchet in the first place, but I wasn't really planning this. Anyway, the Bay is really nice at night. It's sparkly and I could just jump in and lose myself. Except it wouldn't be quite as pretty from in the water and a lot chillier.

The best view of the Bay is from on top of the bank.(Side Note: I love how easy it is to climb on places you probably shouldn't be around here.) Anyway, while I was up there, I met a tauren guy. He's a bit older than me, but not too much, I think. Works for the Horde, apparently, so he's very busy. That's why he has to spend time with, well, "ladies of the night," apparently. Can't spend enough time to get to really know a girl. Although, if he met a girl who worked along him, I guess that would solve his problem. Anyway, he got me to sing for him, after we talked for a bit. I'm so embarassed, I sang that stupid gnome and chicken song, but translated it into orcish and forgot how half of it went. Kept the melody, though.

He was pretty fun, we teased each other back and forth a lot. Well, except when I mentioned he looked a bit like a Grimtotem(his fur is totally black), then he got very grave and was very insistent that I should stay away from them, they're bad news(duh). I think he even implied he was bad news too, though he said he wasn't one of them.

Oh, and his name is Lapu, and he said I was very cute. Twice!



Next stop, Shattrath City! But where the Nether do I go from there?


What's wrong with the Zephyrs:

Posted on 2007.09.14 at 12:06
Current Location: Orgrimmar to Tirisfal zeppelin
Current Mood: depressed
Can't trust Drosh.

Rel is a bloodthirsty maniac.

Si-Si is avoiding everyone.

Caeryn is getting creepier.

Old Bull is on hiatus, I think, but before he seemed to want to kill Caer.

Sara refuses to believe someone could like her.

Bloodaxe is shacking up with a tauren girl who sees ghosts and acts like speaking is a terrifying act. Could turn out for the best, don't get me wrong.

Luci is getting snappy, weird and I think she's hurting herself. More than usual.

Grubber's on the right track, but he needs to stay on it.

G is a model of stability as usual. Should loosen up a touch, though.

All I've heard regarding Steiner is that he's playing with his gadgets. At home. Alone except for Luci.

That leaves me. What's my problem? I think I need some time where there aren't Zephyrs. Kalimdor's out, entirely. Lots of them hanging around Outland too. East it is, then.


Stuff has happened, here's what I can bother to write.

Posted on 2007.08.28 at 20:40
Current Location: Shattrath
Current Mood: sleepy
Gave Ephe back the books she asked for last time I saw her. We talked for a fair bit after, up in the Scryer's Tier. Earthmother, she is one sad little bunny.Definitely needs someone like Grubber who can show her how fun life can be.

Need to track down Si-Si. Only seen her once in the last week or so, and that was a chance run-in at Garadar. She's going stir-crazy, I think.

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